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Japan Uploads is a media sharing community catering to the Japanese music industry. All branches of the music industry is welcome in the community. Everybody is welcome to join and posting is open to all members. But please read the rules before joining.

→ rules ←

#1 Respect the moderators. Seriously, we're pretty laid back people and we're not here to be dictators. If we step in as mods, you're breaking a rule.
#2 COMMENT. We're so not kidding.
#3 Japanese Music. Non-Japanese artists will be allowed so long as they have a legitimate career in Japan as well as their home country.
#4 Advertising. We don't care all that much. Just don't make us regret giving y'all a green light, k?
#5 Share the sandbox. If you can't play nice, you'll be removed.
#6 TAGS. Use the tags, make everybody's life easy. But do not create a new tag for an artist just because you don't agree with the spelling/formatting. If it's grossly incorrect, contact one of us and we'll fix it.
#7 Requests. By all means, request! But if you're going to request a lot, or entire discographies, you'd better include bribes. Put some effort out man!
#8 Support the artist. Yeah, we know we can't enforce this, but if you love them, you'll support them.

Note: Artists found on this list could be reported for copyright infringement by japanfiles. Please be warned before posting. And feel free to tell them how much they suck. >/

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